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Cortney Young

Cortney Young is a Mediator at Blanchard, Krasner French.  Her approach to dispute resolution combines years of litigation experience with a pragmatic problem-solving style.  She has resolved disputes ranging from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Ms. Young spent over a decade with the Litigation and Trial team at Chapman Law firm, which has resolved millions of dollars annually in eminent domain and other real property claims.  Additionally, Ms. Young was a key player in the firm’s ADR Litigation practice, and she continues that work at Blanchard, Krasner & French.

Ms. Young’s mediation practice is focused on the resolution of a wide variety of disputes, including, but not limited to, asset valuation, divorces, eminent domain, securities, probate and trust disputes, breach of contract, homeowner association disputes, foreclosure and super-priority mediation, boundary disputes, landlord-tenant, employee disputes, and complex civil litigation.  Ms. Young is available for mediations throughout the United States.

Nevada Collaborative Divorce Professionals

NCDP is comprised of trained attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial professionals.  We work together to help contesting parties resolve their disagreements efficiently and respectfully.  This team–based model can be applied to many types of legal issues, but it is seen most frequently in divorce and child–custody related matters.

Collaborative Practice is a progressive model that allows the parties to craft customized, legally binding agreements at their own pace.

Can serious conflict be resolved without going to court? Yes it can.  The Nevada Collaborative Divorce Professionals are dedicated to negotiating mutually acceptable settlements outside the court system.  The help of additional professionals in areas of finance, personal matters, and child custody further strengthens the goal of resolution.

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